Second Street’s promotions platform has a full suite of products for all your promotional needs. They are fully customizable and easy to implement. The best part? They are integrated so they work hand in hand for the optimal results.

Here’s what our products can do for you.

Drive Revenue

Use our platform to help build a substantial revenue stream for your company by selling contests, running deals, executing an email marketing program, upselling a ballot, or selling photos.

Engage Your Audience

Running promotions is a great way to engage your audience in fun way – think about a cutest baby contest or a local sports ballot. Promotions are a way to create buzz in your community in which you can be at the center.

Build A Social Database

Promotions have a viral nature to them, which means you can grow your social database, including Facebook Likes, Twitter followers and more. By utilizing our social sharing tools, you can spread the word about your promotions to reach a new audience.

Build an Email Database

Your email database is the center of your promotions success. It’s a virtuous circle: promotions are the most effective way to build your email list, and an engaged database drives promotions revenue (which then grows your list even further).

Make Your Advertisers Happy

Running a promotion is a phenomenal way to help your advertisers achieve their goals. With promotions, you can give them new leads, drive new Facebook Likes, increase foot traffic to their business, and more.

Provide Content

Executing online promotions can provide content for you online and traditional assets. Think about publishing the results of a cutest kid contest in your paper, creating an on-air segment around a sports contest, or developing a special section around your metro ballot.

Grow Site Traffic

Promotions will drive traffic to your site, exposing your audience to your advertiser’s messages.

Target New Advertisers

Approaching advertisers with a contest or ballot sponsorship opportunity or a featured deal is a unique and exciting way to get in the front door with an advertiser and expose them to your full product suite.

Enhance Your Customer Knowledge

By running promotions, you can learn more about what your customers are interested in. You will learn what contests they like to enter, what deals they like to buy, and more.