Deadline Deals is a private label ecommerce and deals platform built for media companies to offer their consumers a variety of offers, such as daily deals, theme weekly, seasonal stores, and more, throughout the year.

Benefits of Running Ecommerce Offers

Create A New Revenue Stream

You can drive substantial revenue for your company by running an integrated ecommerce program, since these promotions put you in the center of the transaction between a customer and an advertiser.

Build Email Database

You can reach a new audience and convert them to subscribers, which then allows you to market to them in the future. Our robust tools – like a site popover, share with a friend, credits – are great resources for reaching an even larger audience

Build Advertiser Relationships

Ecommerce promotions are a great way to build relationships with advertisers you already work with. Running an ecommerce offer for an advertiser is the perfect way to showcase just how valuable your promotional services really are.

Target New Advertisers

Partnering with an advertiser to run an offer is a great way to get in the front door and discuss the entirety of your product suite with advertisers who wouldn’t typically buy a media package.

Benefits of Running a Deals Program
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Ecommerce Models

Daily Deals

Running a featured deal of the day program is a great way to keep the revenue flowing in throughout the year.

Weekly Offers

If you don’t want to run several featured offers each week but want the benefit of running deals regularly, you could feature an especially awesome deal – something your audience can’t get elsewhere – and run it for an extended period of time each week or month. This can also be a complement to your regular deals program.

Theme Weeks

If you have a group of themed deals that don’t warrant a full deals store, you can still make an event out of it by creating a week-long site theme with special branding and promotion.


Cards allow you to sell your customers a fantastic set of offers from either one or multiple merchants. Golf, spa and ski cards are all great ways to drive serious revenue. Learn more about cards.

Seasonal Stores

If you don’t have the resources to run a regular deals program, consider running a special store around a particular holiday, season, or event in your community. We’ve seen partners find great success with Cyber Monday stores, University stores, and Summer Fun stores.

Progressive Discount Stores

This is a twist on a regular deal, where the discount starts small and deepens every day until it reaches 50% or the deal sells out, whichever comes first. These are great as tie-ins with core media promotions, and they typically run for a week.

Exclusive Offers

These exclusive, high-value deals that can either be run as standalone promotions or as a complement to either type of program described above. When you are selecting advertisers for these promotions, think experiential and special, like a 5-course meal prepared by a well-known chef, a private jet ride, a weekend away at a high-end resort, and so on.

Business Models for Running Deals
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The Second Street Difference

Built for Media Companies

Our platform was built by a team with over a decade of experience in the local media arena. What does that mean for you? It means we understand the opportunities, challenges and needs for running an ecommerce program in your media company. We are not a “one size fits all” solution.

Full Technical Support Team

When you license Deadline Deals, you get a full technical support team for both you and your customers. This means you can spend more time selling and promoting your offers to watch your revenue numbers climb.

Works On All Platforms

Your ecommerce program is optimized to run on websites, Facebook Pages, mobile phones, and tablet devices, which means that you can reach your customers no matter where they spend their time.

Promotions Lab

The Second Street Promotions Lab was designed to help media companies succeed with promotions and is full of best practices, case studies, industry insights, and analysis on the world of online promotions. Visit the Promotions Lab now to start taking advantage of this resource.

Dedicated to Your Success

When you sign up for ecommerce with Second Street, you get more than just a software platform. You get an Affiliate Success Director and Success Team, a Launch Manager, plus access to our best practices content and free webinars. Learn more in our Promotions Lab.

White-Label & Customizable

Our premier deals platform is 100% white-label and customizable. Whether you want to run daily deals, cards, multiple-option deals, weekly offers, or deals stores, we can meet your needs.

Seamless Integration

Just like the rest of Second Street’s products, ecommerce promotions integrates with our other platforms. The consumer data you collect helps build the same database of people that you are collecting with ballots, contests and more.

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Find the Model that Works for You

There is an ecommerce model that works for every media company. Even if you aren’t running ecommerce promotions right now, here’s a few reasons you should start by working with Second Street.

Lower Fees

Keep twice as much as profit compared to other providers! Our low transaction fee includes unlimited support (for you and your consumers), access to our Affiliate Support team, and much more.

Seamless Transition

If you are running ecommerce promotions with another provider, we have the tools to import your offers and user data, as well as a number of programs to help you succeed long term with ecommerce promotions.

We Support Your Success

When you switch to Deadline Deals, you get more than an awesome software platform. Our team will help you through the process of switching platforms, plus you gain access to our experienced Success Team, who provides strategic marketing consulting and thought leadership through webinars, sales trainings, and more.

Work with the Industry Leader

With over 400 deals programs currently running, we work with some of the biggest names in media, including The McClatchy Company, Lee Enterprises, and Barrington Broadcasting.

You Sell. We Do the Rest.

Deadline Deals is full of features that save you time and make you money, like one-click deal emails, a Merchant Center, merchant payments, and support for you and your customers.

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