Second Street myCapture Publisher & Community
myCapture allows media companies to engage your audience with two separate photo platforms. With myCapture Publisher, you can sell your photographs online. Choose from over 300 products and select the price point you want. With myCapture Community, create albums and let your audience to share their photos and videos with you.

Publisher Benefits

Drive Significant Revenue

By selling photos to your audience, you can drive incremental revenue for your company.

Provide A Service To Your Audience

Products include a range of photo sizes, playing cards, puzzles, magnets, mugs and much more.

Seamlessly Sell Photos With Remote Commerce

With Publisher, you can sell photos throughout your site. This means that if a consumer is reading an article and wants to buy the photo associated with the story, they can do that with the click of a button.

Realize High Return

When you license myCapture Publisher, you pay a flat, low monthly fee and low wholesale product fees, but you keep 100% of the profits (with the exception of a small credit card fee)!

myCapture Publisher Benefits
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Community UGC Photo & Video Benefits

Foster Engagement with Your Audience

Give your audience another reason to visit your website by inviting them to share their photos and videos in albums hosted within your site.

Collect Relevant Photos

Create albums around events in your community – like breaking news or seasonal happenings – and invite your audience to share their experiences. With myCapture Community can also reverse publish – your audience can send you photos and you can publish them on your site or in your newspaper.

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The Second Street Difference

Dedicated to Your Success

When you run a photo sharing and selling program with Second Street, you get more than just a software platform. You get a full support team for you and your consumers.

White-Label & Customizable

Our photo services are completely white-label, meaning that you get to use our software to build your brand. You can customize everything, right down to the text that goes on the back of the photo paper and the return name on the shipping package.

Variety of Photo Products & Sizes:

You can offer a wide array of products to your customers through myCapture Publisher, including photos of nearly any size, magnets, playing cards, coffee mugs, mouse pads, and more.

Transactions & Support Assistance

When you license myCapture, we handle all of the credit card transactions, customer support, and fulfillment. Don’t worry – you can still put your brand’s logo on the final materials and packaging!

Integrated Platforms

myCapture integrates seamlessly with eBlast Engine. The customer data you collect from contests helps build the same promotional database you are growing with ballots, deals, and more.

Affordable Products

MyCapture’s rock-bottom wholesale prices are the lowest in the industry. This affordable pricing model and minimal fees make sure you keep as much as possible of the revenue.

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