Second Street Contesting
UPICKEM gives media companies the power to create any contest they can imagine, from ticket giveaways and Cutest Pet photo contests to football pick’ems and everything in between. In addition to giving you room to flex your creative muscles, UPICKEM comes with a wide array of pre-designed managed and template contests that make setting up a contesting program a breeze.

Benefits of Running Contests


Drive Significant Revenue

Bring in new revenue by selling sponsorships for your contests, or adopt an agency-model approach and sell custom contests to advertisers that you administer on their Facebook Page and promote to your audience.


Build An Email Database

Running contests is the fastest way to grow your email database and learn more about your customer, and when you include demographic fields, marketing opt-ins, and survey questions on your contest registration pages, you will be able to market smarter to your audience in the future. The best part? With Second Street, you own 100% of the data you collect.


Grow Site Traffic & Audience

Contests are a phenomenal way to tap into the passion of your audience. By offering your consumers a chance to enter or vote in a contest and share their experience on social networks, your contest will cast a much wider net and help you reach a new audience.


Target New Advertisers

For media companies, selling an integrated sponsorship package with a contest at the center of it is a great way to get in and showcase your product suite to advertisers who wouldn’t typically buy a media package.

Encourages Social Engagement

Contests have the power to build your social followings, but they can also further your reach beyond those who Like your Facebook Page or follow you on Twitter if you engage your audience with an invitation to share their contest entries and solicit votes across their own networks.

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The Second Street Difference


Dedicated to Your Success

When you license UPICKEM, you get more than just a software platform. You get a Launch Manager to help you through the set up process, an Affiliate Success Manager and Success Team to work with you on a promotions strategy, and unlimited access to the Second Street Promotions Lab.


All Platforms

Every contest you create can be optimized to run on mobile phones, tablets, website, and Facebook Pages, meaning that you can always reach your audience – wherever they are.


Industry Leader

With over a decade of experience in contesting and more than 3,000 partners, Second Street is the premier contesting platform for media companies and brands.


Everything You Need

UPICKEM’s engine is your one-stop shop for all your contesting needs. We offer everything from managed sports contests and entertainment contests to template cutest babies and pets contests to the ability to build any contest you wish from scratch.


White-Label & Customizable

Our premier contesting platform is 100% white-label and customizable. Use our software to run contests the way you want to build your brand.


Integration Across Products

UPICKEM integrates seamlessly with the rest of Second Street’s suite of products. The customer data you collect from contests helps build the same promotional database you are growing with ballots, deals, and more.


Promotions Lab

The Second Street Promotions Lab was designed to help media companies succeed with promotions and is full of best practices, case studies, industry insights, and analysis on the world of online promotions. Visit the Promotions Lab now to start taking advantage of this resource.

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Managed Contests

Second Street has a wide variety of sports and entertainment contests that we build and manage for you – all you need to do is add them to your site! This means that you have more time to focus on the important things, like selling sponsorships and promoting.




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Template Contests

Second Street offers photo submission and sweepstakes templates that are ready for you to customize and run whenever you want. We supply a saleskit for our media partners for each contest that includes customizable web and print ads, plus a sales deck to help you sell the promotion to your advertisers.

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Custom Contests

With UPICKEM, you can create any contest you can dream up – our contests are fully customizable. Furthermore, since there are so many types to choose from, you can create contests to help you reach all your goals – driving revenue, building your email database, growing your audience, or some combination thereof!

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