3 New Ballot Features You’ll Love

Check out the latest exciting features for ballots that save you time, give you more revenue opportunities, and improve user navigation.


1. Group Ads

While you’ve already been able to sell enhanced listings and sponsorships for individual categories like Best Burger or Best Doctor, now we’re proud to unveil group ads!

Advertisers can purchase ad spots for an entire group of categories such as Food & Drink, which gives them incredible value. Use a static image or conveniently serve content from an ad server.


2. Improved Navigation

After you sell all those group ads, you’ll want as many people to see them as possible. We’ve upgraded our ballot navigation so users spend more time nominating in multiple categories and less time searching. New category tabs show users what category they’re in and what category is next.

We’re also stoked to announce that even more navigation improvements are in the works that will unleash a ton of nominating activity. Stay tuned!


3. Importing Nominations and Votes

Running a printed ballot is a great way to supplement your digital ballot and earn additional sponsorship revenue. Now it’s easier than ever to import your paper nominations and votes with a simple spreadsheet upload. You can practically run another ballot with all the time you’ll save!