Personalize Your Emails with Custom Tokens!

Custom Tokens for Email

Our platform supports the use of tokens in emails allowing you to automatically pull in specific bits of user data for greater personalization – such as a user’s name or birthdate. We know you collect a ton of valuable information on your campaign registration forms that goes beyond the typical demographic data. That’s why we now allow the use of custom tokens!

Let’s say you ran a Valentine’s Day contest in the past and you asked people for their wedding anniversary. That nugget of data can now be used to send a whole email campaign if you make it a custom token!

Creating a new token is easy. Start with any registration form. Here you can “star” an existing form field or a new form field you create. Starring a field simply means it’s one of your go-to items, but now it also adds it to your custom token list. You can star anything where a user can input a custom response like a date, a drop down, or a written answer. If it’s not starred yet, search for a keyword like “wedding anniversary” to pull it up.

Then, when you are setting up your email, you can use that starred field as a custom token. That’s it? Yep, we told you it was easy! You can use your new custom wedding anniversary token to send a drip campaign to people with warm wishes, coupons, and special offers relevant to them on their happy day! Your users will thank you, and so will your advertisers.

You can also use custom tokens in the body of your email to make it more personal, like special dates, pet names, or even dream vacation spots. The possibilities are endless.