Easily Import Articles Into Your Email

We recently released a feature for newsletters that allows you to automatically import articles from your website. Today, we’re releasing the ability to import articles into all your other email types as well.

Say Goodbye to Copy and Paste!

When publishing an article, you’ve carefully chosen an image and headline. Why not capitalize on all that hard work when promoting that article in an email? You can with our newest feature! Start by choosing to create a single email and selecting your audience.

In the email designer, you’ll be able to add your text and images just like before, but now you’ll also have the option to import. Enter your URL, and we’ll pull in a list of your most recent articles via RSS for you to pick from. Select the one you want and watch as your content populates the email template. Make any adjustments you like to the headlines, images, or descriptions and send it!

Email Design Made Simple

We’ve also released a new, streamlined version of our email designer. This new version has all the features you know and love but keeps you inside the setup flow, so you can easily preview your design and keep track of what you’ve updated and what still needs some love. Plus, simply click anywhere on the preview, and we’ll open up the element that you want to edit. No more hunting around for which part of your email you’re trying to edit.

Drafts Section for Emails

We’re big believers in organization. That’s why we’ve updated the Email tab to make it clearer which emails need some attention and which ones are ready to go. The new Drafts section will store all the emails you’re still working on.