Introducing Nomination Ballots

Today we’re excited to launch a new type of ballot experience — Nomination Ballots.

In the years since we first launched ballots, we’ve been thrilled to see the thousands of ballots you’ve created, the audiences you’ve engaged, and the revenue you’ve generated. We came to realize that the best way to run an online ballot is to start with a separate nomination phase first before opening your ballot up to voting.  This gives you more opportunities to engage your audience, and makes it easier for you to start sponsorship conversations with advertisers who have been nominated.

Below we’ve outlined some of our favorite features of the new Nomination Ballot tool:

1. New Consumer Experience

The consumer experience has been reimagined.  Nomination Ballots are incredibly visual, showcasing photos, descriptions, and contact information of all the entries.  We’ve also removed the need for your audience to create a password, making it easier for anyone to participate.

2. Built To Be Social

This new experience was built to be social.  Your audience can now easily share links to specific categories or entrants to their favorite social network.

3. Google Maps Integration

We’ve made the merging experience as painless as possible. We’ve integrated with Google Maps to improve the accuracy and consistency of nominations. Your audience will love how easy it is to nominate, and you’ll love how easy it is to merge!

4. Automatic Merging

But even Google’s not perfect, so we’ve developed an algorithm to analyze your nominations and automatically suggest merges. Imagine completing all of your merges with a single click!


Of course, Nomination Ballots also comes packed with all the features you know and love from Sweeps, Quizzes, and Photo Contests:

  • Setup checklist to help you keep track of your progress
  • Drag-and-drop registration-form builder
  • Easily customizable, mobile-friendly design templates, invitation, and thank-you emails
  • Ability to publish to your Facebook Page or embed on your site
  • Dashboard to see your ballots’s activity and your audience’s demographics at a glance
  • Sophisticated, behind-the-scenes fraud prevention system to keep all the voting on the up-and-up

We’re thrilled to share what we’ve been working on, but we’re even more excited for the incredible nomination ballots you’ll cook up.