Introducing Voting Ballots

As of today, we have replaced Seeded Ballots with Voting Ballots. This new ballot type gives users the ability to write-in their own votes. That means you can now run your entire ballot all in one voting phase if you choose.

The first thing you’ll notice when you create a ballot is the new names. Seeded Ballots is now Voting Ballots, which reflects that there is only a voting phase. We changed Nomination Ballots to Nomination and Voting Ballots to indicate this ballot type has distinct phases for nominating and voting. We feel these names better reflect the user experience.

In the admin tool, you’ll see on the Dates & Winner step you can now allow write-in votes on your ballot with a simple drop down menu. You can require a description and a photo or just the write-in name.

Your users will see a write-in form below any pre-selected entrants where they can submit a vote of their choice.

As write-in votes come in, you’ll see the ballot dashboard chart keeps track of votes for pre-selected entrants and write-ins. We’ve also rethought the moderation tools for maximum time savings. Whenever there are any write-in votes needing your attention, the category modal will show you where all the pending votes are for quick approval or rejection. We also suggest merges for votes with similar names and we even allow you merge any entrants you want with the name you specify.

Want to see it for yourself? Go to the admin tool and create a Voting Ballot today!