5 New Features For Your Ballots

We’ve been hard at work making our new ballots better than ever. Check out the five highlights below:

1. Seed Your Nomination Phase

Want to kickstart your nomination phase with last year’s winners? No problem. Did your sales team sell an enhanced listing? Easy peasy. Now your consumers can nominate from a predetermined list or write-in their own.


2. Spice Up Your Ballot With Videos

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then a video is worth 10,000. When creating an entrant, you can now add a photo or upload a video. Battle of the Bands Ballot here we come!


3. Stay On Top Of The Leaders

Now you can see a live leaderboard right from the dashboard. This is great for giving your sales team loads of data about who is performing well in the ballot, or for encouraging advertisers on the cusp of greatness to promote their entrants.


4. Spreadsheet Import for Entrant Details

Does your team work from a spreadsheet or have an extra large ballot? Now, you can import addresses, phone numbers, website links, and social media details to your ballot entrants.


5. Download a Report of All Entrants

Head to the dashboard to download a report of all the entrants on your ballot.