Automate Your Newsletters with RSS

We’ve just released the functionality to automatically import articles from your website to your newsletters.

With the click of a button, you can now import headlines, images, and descriptions into one of our pre-made templates to create beautiful, responsive emails.

Say YES to RSS!

RSS is a simple way for you to automatically fill-in your newsletters with content pulled straight from a URL you provide.

After choosing to create a recurring newsletter and setting your audience, you’ll be asked to select an RSS Feed to supply content to your message.

In the Message Designer, you’ll input the URL for your feed as well as customize the colors and template options.

As soon as the URL is entered, your website’s blog posts or news articles will appear in the body of the email like magic. Say goodbye to copy and paste!

You’ll also be able to control which articles get pulled in before the email sends based on a time period, a set number, or all articles since your previous send. Talk about convenient!

Have more than one RSS feed? Don’t worry. You can simply add all your feeds – for example, your business and sports feeds – to the same template.