Get More From Your Emails This September

We’ve just released some snazzy new features. You can now add as many items as you want to your emails and newsletters giving you even more control over the content in your emails. Plus, we now automatically add UTM link parameters providing you with better website traffic analytics.

Unlimited Items, Unlimited Potential

Our responsive email templates have always allowed you to share the latest news, articles, and updates. Now, there’s no limit to how much you can share! Want to send a newsletter with 15 recent blog posts? No problem! Announcing the top 10 winners from your “Best of” ballot? It’s a snap! Simply add as many additional items to your template as your heart desires.

We’ve also added some interface enhancements along with this feature to make setting up your emails as clear as possible. Whether you have five items or 15, you’ll never be confused about which one you’re editing.

Automatic UTM Link Parameters

In case you’re a bit rusty on your technical email terms, UTM codes are short text identifiers you can add to a link that tell Google Analytics and other similar tools a little bit more information about each link. They look something like this: &utm_campaign=weekly-news-alert

So if you’ve ever wondered how much of your website traffic was coming from Second Street emails, wonder no more! All email links will now have parameters added to them automatically to identify the link’s source, medium, and campaign.