Signup Widgets are Here!

We know how important it is to grow an email list. Now you can collect newsletter signups from anywhere on your website using our new signup widgets!

A New Way to Organize Audiences

As part of our effort to improve the signup process, we’ve introduced a new type of audience focused specifically on subscriptions.

Subscription Lists are people in your database that have subscribed to a particular opt-in. We’ve done the work of automatically creating subscription lists for your existing active opt-ins. Going forward any new subscription list will automatically come with an opt-in you can include on any of your registration forms.

Segmented Lists are the new name for the audiences you’re used to making by narrowing down your database to a specific set of people who meet various filter criteria, like Women Ages 18-30 or People Interested in Sports.

Increase Your Reach

All Subscription Lists come with their own signup widget. Customize it, then drop the embed code on your site and watch your list grow.

The widget is small enough you’ll be able to fit it in a sidebar or at the end of an article. Good things do come in small packages!

Import Signups

If you have a list of people that have subscribed to your daily headlines at a local event or from some other system, you can easily upload it into Second Street. Subscription Lists now come with the ability to import a spreadsheet of people you’d like to add to the subscription.